Luxury Villas Indigo Bay, St Maarten

Indigo Bay Custom Homes

After choosing your ideal lot within the 150 acre Indigo Bay development that encounters breathtaking views of the Caribbean, we turn our lot buyers over to our architects to create the most favorable villa plan for each site. Our team blends the necessities of architectural style, local flavor, and energy efficiency with the ability of each and every home owner to customize the home to fit their needs. Our homes are designed to fit into and even complement their surrounding environment, thus adding to the overall luxury of the home and its location.

Our focus on "green building" not only contributes to the preservation of our nature resources, but also belies our conviction in saving our home buyers money. We only use the best materials and the most energy efficient products, and we use them in a manner that best fits the Caribbean’s unique setting and conditions.

We welcome your desire to choose your own architect and contractor to build your villa; however, we require all land buyers to follow these guidelines to stay uniform with the Indigo Bay development.

All inquiries are welcome at the Indigo Bay sales office: