A Way of life Indigo Bay Eco-Friendly  

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Indigo Bay Tree Nursery
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Solar Powered Street Lights
Renewable Energy

Indigo Bay, where "Being Eco-Friendly is not an afterthought".

From the beginning, the idea of the Indigo Bay developers was a forward looking vision, one that would respect the environment and one that homeowners would be inspired by. Efforts have been made in many facets of the development in order to adhere to this vision.

  • Since day one, the Indigo Bay’s carbon footprint has been reduced by creating an on location tree and plant nursery. This way, less trees and plants needing to be imported equals a smaller carbon footprint. Not negligible is also how beautiful it makes the place.
  • Being Eco-Friendly for Indigo Bay also means using alternate none polluting power sources when possible. All Indigo Bay’s street lamps are using LED lights and are powered by solar panels. Soon, new security cameras will be installed also using the sun as an energy source and we are always looking for new ways and technologies to help us reduce our dependency on fuel produced electricity.
  • With this in mind, we also welcome and even encourage home builders and contractors who are interested in using solar energy as a power source for their properties. Many of the currently ongoing construction projects are already offering alternate energies options.